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HITIQ Awarded Australian Innovation Patent

  • HITIQ secures Australian Innovation Patent for concussion management technology
  • Patent provides protection for the proprietary calibration methods that underpin the high accuracy output that HITIQ technology delivers

We're pleased to announce that we have secured an important Australian Innovation Patent for our leading concussion management technology.

Australian Innovation Patent

An Australian Innovation Patent (Patent No. 2021107528) has been awarded for “Technology Adapted To Facilitate User-Specific Calibration Of Instrumented Mouthguard Devices, Including Calibration Methods For Instrumented Mouthguard Devices".

Key features of the patent cover the specifics of how HITIQ instrumented mouthguard technology is calibrated for individual users which forms part of the proprietary process developed by HITIQ, including:

  • Taking a 3D scan of the relevant athlete's biometrics;
  • Manufacturing a custom-formed mouthguard; and
  • Using a proprietary calibration method to determine position and orientation of sensors.

The combined process determines the relationship between the position of the impact sensors relative to the orientation of the player’s head during impacts.

The high value data collected is then fed into HITIQ’s artificial intelligence engine that delivers highly accurate data that customers rely on in their performance and player well-being programs.

Being an Innovation Patent, the associated rights are especially robust to withstand validity attacks from third parties.

"This patent will protect the commercial advantage we have built that allows us to provide highly accurate and sophisticated technology to our customers."

Mike Vegar


Global Opportunity

The newly awarded patent presents a significant milestone in HITIQ’s intellectual property development strategy as it targets the $5 billion global addressable concussion management market.

HITIQ’s patent portfolio currently comprises fourteen patent families, with numerous applications pending in various stages of the patent process globally.

The portfolio continues to grow and expand, with five international PCT patent applications pending, and seven provisional applications lodged in the last year. The patent portfolio covers numerous facets of HITIQ’s technology framework, including hardware, manufacturing and calibration techniques, and data processing methods.

“’Patents form an important element of our commercialisation strategy and we are pleased to have secured an Australian Innovation Patent covering a strategically important market for the Company.

This patent will protect the commercial advantage we have built that allows us to provide highly accurate and sophisticated technology to our customers.

We look forward to building upon this initial milestone with further additions to our patent portfolio as we focus on the massive $5 billion global concussion management market.”

Mike Vegar