The Nexus A9
Smart Mouthguard & Portal

The most important sports technology you will ever wear

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Accurate classification
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Independent validation
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In-depth data & insights

Superior Hardware

  • Best-in-class independent validation
  • Classifier recognises true impact events
  • Custom calibration and fit to each athlete
  • Industry leading durability and comfort
  • 3 x accelerometers
  • 1 x gyroscope & battery
  • 1 x flexible circuit board
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In-depth analysis software

  • Portal for medical & performance teams
  • Identify high-risk athletes, positions & drills
  • View team & individual impact profiles
  • Comparison charts for positions and events
  • Download data with ease

The Nexus portal

The Nexus portal provides data and visualisations of integral, game wide insights and has been independently validated by the University of Canterbury.

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Pin-point the moments that make the biggest difference

Identify positions, athletes, or training drills prone to high-frequency head impacts. Factor these into training timelines to ensure athletes are at their freshest by game day.


Compare data and strategy across
athletes, teams and leagues

Develop a united front in raising your game’s standard of care. Leverage game-wide insights to keep your care model at the pinnacle of athlete wellbeing strategy


Inform future training and game-day care models

Reduce danger where you can and enhance athlete safety. Let your real-world decisions be guided by data you can trust.

Easy to Use

  • Automated data upload
  • Set-up games and practices in advance
  • One charging case for entire team
  • Extended battery life
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Implementing a HITIQ Nexus system will:

  • Provide objective head impact data
  • Improve quality of care provided to your athletes
  • Create a longitudinal head impact profile for each athlete
  • Provide additional metrics used to optimise performance
  • Improve decision-making for medical staff

The process

Athlete wears a custom-fit, custom-calibrated Nexus A9 impact sensor.

Athlete experiences a head impact, and the Nexus A9 sensor registers the data.

Independently validated machine learning algorithms classify the data as a true impact event.

All data collected from athletes syncs to their Nexus portal; a secure cloud storage for easy access.

Administrations, doctors, and teams assess the data, which enables strategy based on patterns and trends.


Crusaders and HITIQ

“Using the Nexus portal, it's easy to see impact loads and therefore what members of the squad need in terms of training or rest. We can relay these messages to the performance team after a game and create a plan for athletes to implement.”

Crusaders case study
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