Measure, manage and mitigate head impacts


Head impact
surveillance & detection

The independently validated Nexus system provides comprehensive head impact data and analysis. That data allows key stakeholders to make informed decisions, improving the quality of care for athletes.

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Concussion & return-to-play management

CSX provides an easy to use, sideline concussion assessment tool. The system produces a digital record that can be shared with medical professionals, family and organisations to ensure coordinated athlete care.


Cognitive & Oculomotor assessment

CoVR is a virtual reality based cognitive and oculomotor assessment platform. The immersive tool identifies impairments across domains including hand-eye coordination, memory, and decision making.

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Crusaders case study

Crusaders and HITIQ

“Using the Nexus portal, it's easy to see impact loads and therefore what members of the squad need in terms of training or rest. We can relay these messages to the performance team after a game and create a plan for athletes to implement.”

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